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Thursday, 7 April 2011

My First Book

Hi everybody, I  originally printed and put together an attempt at a home made book, a rather crude and rough attempt. In order to distribute to my family alone I made 10 of them, all patiently glued together and after tearing the centre out of new diaries and ammending their size, I finished up with reasonably good hardback books. Now this was in 2008 and my youngest daughter Pamela suggested I get this book published properly.

A second daughter, I have a few of them!! lol, In fact 5 to be exact, this daughter, Rosslyn found me a publisher on the Internet. This was Book Guild Publishing and after a year, lo and behold in 2010 the book 'Last of the Hard Hat Divers' was born. Imagine my surprise as an old man to find my book selling all over the world and I even had my own Book Signing In WH Smith's shop In the Scottish Borders and to my astonishment I sold 27 of my books In one hour, so I say a big Thank You to all who purchased the book.

I was then encouraged to write a sequel 'Last of the Hard Hat Divers 2' which was written from 2008 to 2010 and will be on sale In late April 2011.

This Is my first attempt at blogging so I would appreciate any tips or hints that could be passed my way from all of you experienced bloggers.

I must remember 'A rolling stone cannot change it's spots,'  lol. Bob


  1. Hi Dad. Welcome to the Blogging community. Great first post. I look forward to reading more. Pam.x

  2. Hello!! Welcome to the world of blogging ~ I consider your daughter Pam to be a good blogging friend of mine. Your book sounds so interesting and the fact that you sold 27 copies in an hour says as much. Congratulations on your success, I wish you much more. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments Lisa and I have my fingers crossed my second book may be considered up to the same standard as the first one.

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  5. Congratulations on your books and welcome to the blogging world.

  6. Finding it a bit difficult to get through everything I need to do each day. Who said being retired meant lying back and doing nothing all the time. It seems there are not enough hours in a day for me.Thank you for the congrats I am now working on my third book by popular acclaim from my readership, may the good Lord bless you all

  7. Hi Bob, read your first two books and really enjoyed them. looking forward to book3. hope you are well. regards jim sutherland.